Thursday, 26 April 2018

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Back Again

Back to publish the result of the Organized Chaos system.
After a very good 2015 in terms of results and a very weak 2016, 2017 started with great difficulties.

But what I intend above all else, is to comply with the rules established at the outset, so that the final result is satisfactory.

Let's see what reserves 2017 for us.


Monday, 22 September 2014


After this climb the index last Friday, with the index reaching record highs, this "Chaos" has been held up very well, having been very active in short order, but however much without crippling losses.

For now have a profit of 23.70% since the beginning of the year.
Consider the very good result, but by the end of the year, still lacks enough way.

Swing, Swing from the rain and the sun, which is befitting be on the right side of the market.


Friday, 18 July 2014

Actualization Chaos

Well, time pass, but the system maniten the performance since May.

Let's see to next months.

Monday, 12 May 2014

After a month ....

The system has proven quite stable, without major oscillations over the previous month. For now run 20% profit since the beginning of the year. But still a long way to walk.

The open positions have held up well this lateralization spx.
Let's see how it looks for the next days, but for now the position taken today was to make a profit and go short.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

First time High...this year

The trading system is going well this last 3 weeks. First time hihg profits this year.

Lets see the next moves. Short for now...

Thursday, 3 April 2014


After this months the system goes up and down.
For now, i'm positive...but.....the market is difficult to understanding...

Monday, 10 February 2014

After 1 month....

After 1 month i left the table os business and results...
For now, i'm in positive mode...but the system is only in the second month.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

First year business ...

After the explanation about this system in particular, was given on January 3, the first order of the year. Thus began a journey that I hope you take me to profit at the end of the year.
There will be advances and setbacks, as with everything in our lives, but in the end we must hope for the best.

Regardless of what the index SPX do, the system will adapt the best way to remove profitability.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Organized Chaos - Conditions and explanations...

After 1 year of trading Kind Of Stochastic system , I decided to revamp the strategy and create the Organized Chaos system.

I open this new topic for sharing an idea that came to me after reading some bands here by the internet , a world full of information and misinformation , but in some , " few places " can bring us some ideas that seemed strange in may bring some surprises positively .

I can even say that after a trial period , already done , this will be a system in line with what I have taken , but I intend to be even more aggressive in terms of initial capital invested , the positions of each business and drawdown . I have my personal belief that adjusting to capital and leverage held every business can give results that are quite interesting .

Wild theories that in the books , and want to claim to belong to the theory of contrast and give the face for their results , trying to prove that not everything that is fallow- trading method is the winner. It is therefore a challenge for me and personal goal to reach a positive result , proving that this system operates in " swingar price " to profit. Now when we were in financial markets , in principle and wrong in our sins , most investors tend to lose money and even more with the use of leveraged products .

After all , times are different in the market , as there are variables ( although they always have existed ) , are more active and creased , making even seen purposeful manner. When a certain individual -level world power says " we will do everything , but everything it takes to not let the market sinking ," we are facing a reality ( as you mentioned ) , has always existed , but not so visibly . We are facing the " anything goes." I want to disassemble that's what should matter the least for business. The influence of these phenomena is completely ignored in the eyes of this system.
That is to say , that when testing a system of Tranding for past quotations , they can be ( and are surely ) on average, outside the usual pattern . Here comes that " one personal intervention ," the get something to correct the default and put in " axes " . It was decided to do and for which I am willing to risk for the coming year 2014 .

In a market where sometimes seems to dominate the law of the strongest, might be a system of contours " something simple " , so that, in a given period of time, obtain good results for a given level of initial investment . The goal is always to be a consistent system , in order to draw a financial extra .

Who walks these bands may find that the conversation is old , because you are certainly thinking it's another one of those who found a perfect system that never loses and is always on the rise . The pioneer named ...

Not ! In fact it is a system that has losses and may have some pretty strong drawdowns , as mentioned above . Furthermore, even though the have therefore always makes me think much more rationally increasing my lucidity. And here we are all human , and whether large or small traders , losses will be there to make us feel his feet firmly on the ground .

My proposal (unlike Kind of Stochastic ) , not a fixed annual percentage of earnings as ambitious , ie , end 1-year investment with gains of 50 % on capital initially invested . Indeed found to frustrated throughout this year 2013 , although the result was finally positive, but discouraging to the initial assumptions .

As a first goal, I will always take into account trying to preserve capital in their entirety and as the second goal, ponder taking an annual return in the range 15-20 % of the initial invested capital .

It is a good to very ambitious goal . But since I'm still in the process of evaluating the results of the study and always remains open , I do not want to commit to any more forceful goal .

Any profits are always welcome , but always keeping an eye on preserving the initial capital .
Leveraging the initial basis for each position (each order generated = 10 CFD ) , the system , gender Kind of Stochastic is as said, a system unlike the most of the time . It is a system of patience, average leverage, but has statistical support ( not recommended to anyone at my own risk , " except" for myself ) , that guarantees not break out of an initial account. A maximum loss is scheduled to take in case of deviation from the burdensome price.


Name of the Trading System - " Organized Chaos "
Length System : 01/01/2014 - 31/12/2014
Total capital and start to apply : $ 15,000
Product used = CFDs
Leverage for Business = 10 CFD position taken by each
Execution of orders = In closing the session , the alignment of the signals generated in the table 2 ( Signal A Signal B + )
Stop loss per trade executed: 50 % of initial capital ( $ 7,500 )
Stop global loss : $ 10,000
For the execution of the order have to check the alignment of the two signals generated , ie it is necessary that ( Signal A) is aligned with the ( signal B ) , as an example :

Thus , only the order is generated when A and B activate the color (green for long ) and (red for short ) , closing the positions with the reversal of the same .
( see table below)

• Example long entry :
• 1st entry to 1552.36 ( 10 CFDs )
• 2nd entrance to 1541.61 ( 10 CFDs )
• Close to the long 1578.78 ( CFD Selling 30 's) staying here short of 1st position 1578.78
• Here the trade made ​​a profit

Short sample entry :
• 1st input 1578.78 ( 10 CFDs )
• Output short to 1582.70 ( 20 CFDs ) staying here during the 1st position 1582.70
• Here the trade gave injury.

In terms of losses , the system is dangerously " tolerant " to drawdawn . We can watch very extended periods of losses , namely the position before closure business can come to take more than 30 days. But this value is found to be highly exceptional . After you open a position , this " Organized Chaos " takes on average 7 days to close the deal (gain or loss) , including the accumulations that occur in the middle.

I can say that this has no logic, but like everything in life you need to give something to get something back . One step back and two forward is the philosophy of this system . The forward price of the system will take care , because those rules were defined for me the game. It is so to speak a system that in the chaos of their losses demand adjust to the organization of the market and is likely to win by force of persistence. " A true organized chaos ."

This is a system of thousands that exist in financial markets . This has the particularity to be mine, only mine. Already let the warning that no one should follow this method , making any trading or also adopts it as his method . I am not responsible for any loss that you may incur .

Again do not mean anything more than a simple idea sharing and business method , taking as a conclusion ( hopefully ) it is possible for a small investor , based on the discipline and method as a background , remove profit for the financial market. But even if the system will generate losses , I intend to demonstrate that one can lose with discipline .

I continue to check after many years , a well set up system , studied and tested is the right key to achieving positive and interesting results .
The results will be published regularly in excel so as it is the tool by which desenrasco better. Contrary to what many think , that excel is always a " soft " tool, for sure will be the last to require schemes . The loss is very real to me and assumed sometimes with large " bumps " , punishing my wallet . What I try is always that it is always less than positive returns at the end of the year .

Finally, you want a few more good entries and good business to all for this year 2014 .

Thursday, 2 January 2014

At the end......Final Results of Kind of Stochastic

Good night and good 2014 for everyone.

After the New Year , come here let the end result of stochastic Kind of .
The last day of the year proved to be discouraging for the end result of this system .
As he had said , on December 31 was the limit to close the positions and therefore the SPX closing in on annual maximum and I have a load of short positions , so ended my stop loss position.

The final results were disappointing , with many ups and downs , but ending abruptly .
Many of them were consistent rises to come after the blow and clean the profits .
For those who aspired to achieve results in the order of 50 % in this system for this condition , I confess that I am very disappointed .
Nothing made me believe that this would happen , because this subject of extensive tests in various time periods , the system went through periods bear and bull markets well defined .
But the SPX showed up often with continuous ups and " stressful " for the indicator , which led to extreme positions several times .

But I did not for the time lost.
It got me the advantage of discipline that this system forced me , and with her schedule my style of market conduct .

I left my detached and disinterested witness.

I will start a new system already today , starting a new thread for this .

I wish everyone the best of luck for the year 2014 , and that markets can bring you real joy

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

By the way ....

The recent times has been the recovery of the results. And we have about 27% profit, I have to regard it as something very positive.

Let's see what's in store until 31 December.

Next year I start a new trading system, with more capital and more risk.
But this will be another championship.